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Wearing socks on Pilates reformer

Is it really necessary to wear socks?

You can be barefoot or wear socks. Some studios even require socks for hygiene reasons and safety as well. We recommend that you wear socks but  instead of regular socks wear grip socks. Extra grip is important for this type of exercise if you do not want to slip as they provide friction on the machine.

 Nives Orešnik in Shashi socks on pilates reformer



Tips for choosing the right socks 

  • Look for socks made from high quality, moisture wicking fabric.  
  • For a good grip socks shoud have full coverage grips from heel to toe
  • The sock must fit well on the foot. Choose socks that are cut separately for the left and right foot.
  • You will be much more motivated to exercise if the socks are also fashionableEspecially those that will complete your workout outfit.

Shashi socks have all the above features. Choose your pair from a wide range of colors and models.