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Leg warmers not just a trend

Leg warmers can be a great accessory to any workout or fitness routine! 

They are also a very trendy and fashionable piece of garment to style. To meet a balletcore trend and pair the leg warmers with ballet flats and mini skirt with tights is one way to go about it. The other, to wear them with a pair of heels and a midi or long skirt. We probably wouldn't need to point out the obvious, how cool and relaxed look you achieve, when just pulling them over your tights or trainer pants and matching it with an oversized hoodie and a jacket. 


Why you should wear a pair of leg warmers during your workout?

They keep your legs warm and can help increase circulation. This can help reduce fatigue, muscle strain, and even help you work out longer. Legwarmers can also provide support and stability during exercises that require balance, like Pilates and yoga. Legwarmers have also become popular in barre classes, providing extra cushioning and support that can help you get the most out of your workout. 

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