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Live your best life and make yourself happy

Tips each one of us can use in order to live one's best life - mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

What is the right approach to wellness that reflects on good mental, physical, spiritual, emotional health. Firstly, we need to be aware that these pillars of health are all interconnected.

Select best quality food. The basic idea would be to look for the seasonal fruits and vegetables. Discovering seasonal foods is simple. Head to a farmer's market and you will see what has grown in a certain period of year. Prepare your dishes yourself. You will know exactly what's in them. 

Physical activity. Another way to make yourself smile is to be active. Your mind and body benefits from a variety of movement and exercise done daily. Go out and breath in the fresh air, walking or running will increase your lung capacity. For a happy mindset only 15 minute of morning activity will do the trick and reduce the stress. 

Prioritize good sleep. This should come as one of the most important activities for self care. It’s one of the things that people struggle with most. Regular physical activity, healthy eating habits, leaving your work on the outside of your bedroom, they all will help you achieving a good night sleep. Pick up your favorite book and get lost in it. While reading you will forget all the worries of the past day. 

Do stuff that makes you happy! Starting with the list. At the top of our came a short trip, a retreat that you can go on alone, or with your best friend. Leave your kids in safe hands for that one night. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage, yoga class or meditation.

For this weekend retreat, we made sure to pack our favorite grip socks Shashi Star, which were perfect for moving around the hotel room and a morning Pilates.