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How to make our New Year's resolutions our constant

That last day of the year is behind us and the popping of champagne bottles stopped. 

Our minds, focused on the future, become clearer and the first days of the new year, we are full of expectations. Especially those towards ourselves

But how do we make our goals stick?

Below, we've collected some top tricks that will help you stay on the path and become a better you

  • Choose a goal that is concrete and a bite-size : this means "I'll cook my own meal 2 times a week" instead of " I'm going to prepare my own meals."
  • Add a cue to your plan, meaning if you promise yourself for example "I will take my 30 minutes for exercise once I put children to bed and before I do anything else."
  • Commit yourself to a penalty and include your partner or a friend in it as a witness. You can do a bet with them for extra motivation. 
  • Find the fun part in your goal : This can easily be your favorite TV series that you'll be watching while cooking your meal. Or maybe buying a pair of new grip socks to wear at pilates workouts. 
  • Remember you can redeem a joker once in a week. This way, you will not impose too high demands on yourself and give up all together. 
  • Do what you preach: Meaning when you give someone advice, it becomes your commitment to improve certain things about yourself at the same time. Otherwise, you would feel like a fraud.

For the end we are giving you something that will definitely encourage you to do something good.

Don't you ever give up on yourself. Because even when we fail, we can choose any other day or anniversary, when we can decide and start again!