Voices of customers... "Shashi is refined coziness!" • "I couldn't stop staring at my own feet!"

When was the last time you did targeted foot exercise?

Don´t forget your feet 

We usually think about our abs and buttock muscles, maybe strong arms, good aerobic endurance, but almost never about our feet. They are down there, at the end of our body, we close them in sneakers and forget about them. They are included in the movement more out of necessity, as they are part of the leg, than with any actual purpose.

We must treat feet equally with the rest, for the appearance of more "important" parts of the body. That's why we never forget to stimulate the foot and connect the foot with the rest of the body during exercises.


Foot training

Although targeted foot training is the most effective but complex, home foot training does not have to be very complicated. Barefoot walking and other physical activities are a good start. Just by taking off, we do a lot of good, because we let the feet move naturally and unhindered.

In the FITT+ STUDIO, absolutely every training takes place without shoes. In addition, in every training session we include exercises that have a targeted effect on the foot and the connection between the foot and the body. Stability and good coordination of the foot are the first foundation of a healthy spine and a condition for good functioning of the internal organs, the connection between the foot and the muscles of the pelvic floor is particularly close.

For problems with urinary incontinence, it is therefore not enough to simply squeeze the muscles of the pelvic floor, in the style of Kegel exercises, but it is also necessary to include the foot in the exercise.

What if I'm not a fan of barefoot activities?

It's okay, many people don't like walking barefoot, either because of the garbage, the cold, or maybe it's too slippery for them. That's why they exercise in the studio in SHASHI socks. They are thin so that they do not constrict the feet in natural movement, they have anti-slip studs on the sole that ensure that the foot stays in place, even in more demanding positions and exercises.
They still offer enough warmth even for those who like to get cold feet.
* The post was writen by Barbara Tavčar from Fitt+Studio