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Aerial practice - why you should give it a try with Shashi grip socks

Aerial workouts, such as aerial yoga, offer numerous benefits such as improved strength, flexibility, and balance. They can also be a fun and unique way to challenge your body and mind while experiencing the thrill of being suspended in the air. Plus, aerial workouts can be a great way to switch up your exercise routine and add some excitement to your fitness journey.

Aerial yoga is a form of yoga that uses a hammock or swing to support the body and allows for anti-gravity movements.

And why should you try our grip sock? 

Grip socks, especially the Sweet Mary Jane style with a large opening, can help improve grip and prevent slipping on the silk rope or hoop, providing added safety and confidence during aerial practice.


Using grips not only helps reduce slipping but also allows your muscles to contract further, leading to a more comprehensive workout.

Because of the Coolmax technology, they wick away moisture and won't smell like regular socks do after a workout.

Super soft material is comfortable and easy to move around in.

Wearing socks is more hygienic and help protect delicate silk fabrics, which can be difficult to clean.

In addition to functionality, our SHASHI grip socks also come in stylish designs, including fine mesh, tattoo-style embroidery, and sparkling crystals to complement your workout attire. 

And at the end, SHASHI are just plain cute!