Voices of customers... "Shashi is refined coziness!" • "I couldn't stop staring at my own feet!"

What are Open toe socks for?

Open toe socks don't have a function

So not true!

Open toe socks are extremely popular with pilates and yoga enthusiasts as they provide more balance and improved stability, when you rely on your toes through various movements. Contact with floor is almost comlepte which stimulate your foot-brain connection.

If you like to exercise barefoot but you are always cold. In Open toe socks you are always one step closer to barefoot but with warm feet

No more cutting socks for pedicure

Put them on before nail polish is applied. Your nail polish would remain untouched while your feet will stay warm. 

Show off your beautiful pedicure. 

Perfect in cooler times

Wear your Shashi Open Toe with flip flops, sandals or open-toed boots


Remember: " When you look good, you feel good"

SHASHI are luxurious socks that combined functionality and style. 

Upgrade your style.