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What to wear for pilates class

Pilates involves plenty of stretching, bending and staying balanced in one particular exercise pose. Naturally you would want an outfit that is comfortable, stretchy and wicks away moisture.

  • Choose a form-fitting top so the fabric doesn't get caught on the hooks if working out on the reformer equipment.


  • There is a wide range of body hugging leggings on the market in a number of colors and models for every taste


  • Choose a low-impact bra with adjustable straps which will give you the right support for any kind of movement


  • A pair of non-slip socks are typically used for Pilates, Barre and Reformer classes to help you hold poses, protect your feet and provide added stability. SHASHI grip socks with flat seams and Coolmax technology will keep your feet feel light, dry and looking georgious


With the right choice of clothing you'll make the first step into the workout mindset and don't forget, you'll look great in them!