Voices of customers... "Shashi is refined coziness!" • "I couldn't stop staring at my own feet!"

I am an instructor

Are you an instructor? Would you like to wear SHASHI when you teach? Apply to partner with SHASHI and receive special offers. In your email, please share:

- What do you love about teaching?

- Why do you love SHASHI?

- Where do you teach?

Please be sure to attach your teaching certificate in the email!

As a SHASHI instructor, we ask that you promote the SHASHI brand in a positive and professional manner on any websites, blogs or social media platforms. 

We can't wait to hear from you! order@shashionline.si 

Note: Any discount you receive is for you and you only.  If it is discovered that you have shared your discount with any third party, or are using your account to make wholesale purchases, SHASHI reserves the right to remove you from the program. SHASHI has the right to alter the program at any time.