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Celebrating Women

Do you know when it all started?

The earliest reported Women's Daywas held on February 28, 1909, in New York City. It was organized by the Socialist Party of America, under suggestion of a women activist Theresa Malkiel .

Later on in 1970s and 1980s in Europe as well, women's groups, started calling for equal pay, equal economic opportunity, equal legal rights, reproductive rights, subsidized child care, and the prevention of violence against women. 

Even today, women are still fighting for equality and their rights, so let March 8, be a reminder, of how important role we play in the world. At home in society itself as well as in business and political environment. 

women in shashi grip socks

So girls and women, as long as we support each other and give each other and ourselves the credit we deserve, we will be able to prosper and move forward, to a better tomorrow!

We wish you all the best on the international Women's Day and prepared a special discount for a 15% off for you to use until the end of March. Don't forget to take time for yourself every day of the year!